Situated in Long Eaton, the centre of excellence for luxury furniture, Gascoigne Designs is dedicated to producing truly outstanding furniture designs with exquisite detailing and crafted in sumptuous upholstery fabrics. Founded in 1989 by David Gascoigne, the privately owned luxury furniture manufacturer has produced orders for several Royal dignitaries from around the world, football stars, elite athletes and top television celebrities. Gascoigne Designs prides itself in its close-knit team and exceptional ability to create outstanding pieces with precision, opulence and effortless style.

Having been born into the world of luxury furniture making, David himself a third generation furniture maker, holds a true and great wealth of knowledge, whilst creating the most elegant and luxurious designs and is dedicated to all customers in ensuring the very best furniture pieces are produced.

Fuelled by ambition, we proudly present a variety of designs from classic English styles to gorgeous show wood carved designs; available from a collection of imaginative hand finishes developed through our collaboration with our partners in Italy. Celebrating our 30 anniversary in January 2019 we offer a wealth of experience, our well established family business has strong relationships with top designers along with many of the premier retailers, not just within the U.K. but also with select partners from around the globe assisting us to deliver high quality products with a unique flair to create a beautiful living space. 

Gascoigne Designs offers a huge collection of exclusive fabric options, including collections of the most deluxe materials, hand selected from some of the world’s finest weaving mills, equally we are delighted to work with customer’s own material (COM). Our dedicated team thrives on producing beautiful furniture from our exclusive range along with those one off made to measure or bespoke pieces with meticulous attention to detail and outstanding quality.



David Gascoigne
Managing Director